How to unlock the Idea Net setter Huawei E153 3G usb modem?

How to unlock the Idea Net setter Huawei E153 3G usb modem?

This post will teach you how to unlock your Huawei modem which you can use other sim cards in your idea Net setter I will show how to unlock your Huawei E153 modem which you any other networks

First you need to download a Firmware your usb modem .then upgrade your dongle which will fix some errors and enables the calling feature in your modem. You must and should continue your process then only you can unlock your modem and access other Sims in your modem.


Further process is to download your Huawei calculator which helps you to get unlock code and flash code and main thing you need to enter a password while entering a firmware update in the middle password is nothing but a flash code which can be created by Huawei calculator with the support of your modems imei number

After run the Huawei calculator enter your IMEI number click generate unlock code option and copy all of the codes which a unlock code and flash code.

Remove the modem and insert another service provider sim and Run the modem. When it is identified, Run and Update firmware program and follow the instructions. When the program asks for the password type the flash code

After that Run the Huawei  unlocker for unlocking the modem ,then select the port connection, model of the dongle and click auto-unlock modem option after that click mdm data finally click calculate button your modem is almost finished of unlocking.

Then you need to configure your modem as you configure your mobile to your PC internet connection.

Go to tools and click options in that select profile management click and create a new profile. And configuring is easy as you need to enter your connection name as a profile name and APN (Access Point Name) then create and connect the internet.

Note :  Don’t power off or unplug the modem. this may hurt your modem and causes the damage. Friends Click here to download a TOOLKIT of a huawei modem unlocker

Alternate Method try this method definetely you will get succeeded if not satisfied with above mentioned procedure

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  1. how to downlod this software? pls reply me.i can’t unlock it

  2. dude plz send me the software of huwaie E153 IDEA NET SETTER
    i want to unlock it plzzzzzzz

  3. sir i want the link to download the software plz co -operate

  4. Has anybody successfully unlocked E153 idea net setter using these software and instructions

  5. I tried it says administrative restrain. I have idea net setter E153 of Huawei. pl. guide what to do. It works with other software like mobile partner.

  6. sathhishkumar says:

    hi sir.
    i am unable unlock my idea huawei e153.
    the problem is when i do firmware update. after entering the flash code. if says ” wizard is not work on this ” or “this is not a firmware on this” so please please please help me sir.
    can u send me reply to…thank you sir

    • try it on another PC

      • Sathsih kumar says:

        Sir can u do unlocking process on my system.( huawei e153 idea net setter ).
        by using the team viewer tool. connect me

        i was also tried on another systems also.
        please please show me sir
        once only sir.
        when if you have free time only
        hope you reply

        thank you

      • Sathsih kumar says:

        this is the problem after i entering the flash code.
        (” the wireless terminal inserted is not firmwaare,upadate wizard can’t work on. “)

        so what is the solution. please can we connect by team viewer software tool.
        please help me please please spend your valuable time with me 5 min.

        thank you

  7. Sathish kumar says:

    Sir whenever you a freetime in that time only.
    09296305337 this is my number..
    can u put one massage to me.
    i don’t want to disturb you again and again please.
    hope you massage. please please help me.

  8. how to unlock idea net setter E153 plz tell

  9. plz sir send me software of the huwaie E153 idea net setter i want unlock data card plz help meeee

  10. avinash reddy says:

    hai sir i am avinash
    sir i have idea 3g netsetter E153Du_1
    it work very slow
    so i am unlock my modem
    so plz give me the softwarelink plz sir
    total 23 netsetter’s (frd’s $ me)
    plz sir give me link

  11. arun kumar says:

    i have idea net setter e153 i have unlocked it. i have inserted reliance sim and tried it has worked and next i tried docomo it was not working why? and my software is not allowing to change to APN setting which were default.

  12. arun kumar says:

    can you give me the download link to unlock the software to edit APN for the idea netsetter e153

  13. falulullah says:

    machan engalaina gnabaham irukka da dai

  14. Vasu Madala says:

    Pls help me unlock my Idea 3G Netsetter Huawei USB Dongle Modem Device

    Model : Huawei E 153 /white

    IMEI : 868672000115813

    S/N : M5D4CA1190210291

    Appreciated so much if u could help me here…


  15. chaitanya says:

    sir mine is idea e153.i gt d flash code,but its showing -the wireless terminal inserted is not firmware update.wizard cannot continue.pls help me

    • check the firmware and try with another PC and firmware should be lower which i provided or update the advanced firmware of your modem

  16. how to upgrade dongle

    • what is your dongle model and make first tell me the details

      • jagadesh says:

        Device name: E153
        Application port: COM8
        Serial number: M5D4CA1190603147
        IMEI: 868672000253861
        Hardware Version: CD1E153M
        Firmware Version: 11.609.20.11.356
        Software Version:
        how to unlock my modem

  17. ranjithroys says:

    Hi,can u please help me how to unlock idea netsetter huwaei E153Du-1 the above link i tried but its only a temporary unlock and if we remove the device it ill lock again ,as i know that this model is not a firmware we cant update by the above link ….

  18. Hi! please help me to unlock my HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND E153
    model:HUAWEI E153u-1
    IMEI: 869604001839199
    S/N: KMA4CA1190906269

  19. it says that have not permission from administrator

  20. Hi can you plz help me to unlock idea E153 the about link i tried but its onlytemporary unlock if i remove device it ill lock again please help me…..
    Thank You

  21. in mine the error is shown
    “the wireless terminal inserted is not firmware update.wizard cannot continue”
    plz hep the above procedure is not proper………..

  22. please explain the procedure in some continous manner

    does not got to understand what to do first and after that
    whether have to update using the wizard aur unlocker.

  23. Sir I bought idea netsetter HUAWEI E153 model today I hava a broblem,it is avery heat, is this any problem on feature???? please replay sir……

  24. Sir I bought a HUAWEI E153 model in yesterday,they took me first month unlimited, But I want to unlock, how many days to use the netsetter for unlock it…. please replay me.

  25. Sir how many days to use the Idea net setter model: E153 for unlock?

  26. Mine is E153u-1 model
    IMEI: 3356342047005513
    S/N: KMA5TA1152303131, Helpme out unlock to use various SIMs

  27. I bought a idea net setter E153 model, but I want unlock it. Is it successful or not? how to unlock it? please replay me sir.

  28. sumukreddy says:


    i’m using huwai e153 3g netsetter with idea. i want to unlock it .

    my data card firmware version is 11.609.20.11.356.

    i tried to follow the procedure as above but it shows an error and can’t update.

    please send your suggestion to my mail id
    pls help me.

    • try it in another pc clear all ur cookies and temperory files and disable your antivirus and try it

      • sir i tried it another pc and follow the instructions above mentioned by u. again it show the error as “the wireless terinal inserted is not firmware update. wizard cannot continue.”

        is it necessary to update firmware in order to unlock the modem?

        i bought this modem on 7th of this month. please help me to unlock.

        it’s very urgent because they told me initially they give 6gb data. but i used only 2gb after that i can’t get 3g speed
        i noticed this issue to idea care they told me i used 6gb data. but it is not correct.

        that’s why i want to unlock the modem and use another sim

        thank you.

        • they are definitely liers and i also heard cheated so many people and if it is not possible for you goto nearest mobile network unlock service center okay but main thing in above mentioned procedure more than 100 modems are unlocked successfully

  29. guru prasad says:

    plz plz help me my modem unlock 10 attempts are over plz tel me how to unlock it

  30. i want to unlock my E153 modem. am in Uganda and its using Airtel Telecom what should i do. thanks

  31. guru prasad says:

    my modem details plzz help me
    Found modem : E153
    Model : Huawei E153
    IMEI : 868672000198058
    Serial NR. : M5D4CA1190610962
    Firmware : 11.609.20.11.356
    Compile date / time : Jul 30 2011 15:38:49
    Dashboard version : graham_inggs_custom_iso
    Chipset : Qualcomm MSM6246
    NAND Flash : samsung_K5D1G13ACH
    Voice feature : disabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (customized firmware)
    Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

    • =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
      Unlock Code : 55792350
      Flash Code : 54638700

      use flash code for unlocking and use toolkit provided above okay

  32. Hrishikesh Devan says:

    i had downloded da software, but while instaling the firmware after entering the code that you have mentioned, a dialog box came showing “the wireless terminal inserted is not a firmware, update wizard cant work”.
    this was da mesage..
    please give me a solution..
    sincerly waiting for your replay..
    plzzzz replay..

  33. rajesh says:

    when it’s searching it is displaying that
    data card cant be found.error code:3
    one of the following reasons may cause the error:
    1.the data card is not connected properly to pc
    2.other program is using the data card do not have the authority of the administrator
    plz help me dude

    • while doing all these whether check these parameters while its doing the process ensure that data software is closed and check in task manager its running with those applications must be closed in the process tab and check your system that it is virus free and that may verified with windows security or genuine purchased version if antivirus

      • jammu manojkumar says:

        sir i unlocked the idea net setter e153du-1
        but when ever i insert A sim it never shows the network
        and its shows imei error in modem details

        plz help me wt to do

        my contanct number is +919505623095

  34. respected sir,
    i hv a idea netsetter, e153 by following the above procedure we are not able to unlock when we try to doing fremware there will get a error: not a fremware wirles terminal

  35. What to insert in the port connection

  36. idea net setter was unlocking !!! firmware updated will be coming error

  37. Hi i am trying to unlock idea e153 but i am getting message like this

    only temporary unlock was done.
    modem will relock after unplugging.

  38. hi sir,i tried this method but its not working when i tried to update my e153 i got “the wireless terminal inserted is not firmware” what to do???

  39. i used it on E153 idea netsetter the result is IMEI ERROR. solution

  40. joseph william says:

    the steps are so confusing to me i have the application well i tried without success, when i ran the firmware gave me errors that data card not found , would you please give the procedures clearly

    • k cool relax follow above procedure before trying restart your pc then disable your antivirus end third party application in task manager and try it again

  41. vehe samuel says:

    i need unlock code for my huawei moderm here is de IME 356342046917163 and the model is E153

  42. Narenn Batra says:

    mujhe idea net setter E1550 k0 un lock karna hai plz madad kare bagut Mahrbani hogi naren batra

  43. yakoubudha says:

    tool kit mfc71.dll is missing and whenever i enter password popsup failed error

  44. jammu manojkumar says:

    sir i unlocked the idea net setter e153du-1
    but when ever i insert A sim it never shows the network
    and its shows imei error in modem details

    plz help me wt to do

    my contanct number is +919505623095

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